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Google Guidelines For SEO
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Google Guidelines
According to the latest updates provided by Google, Thinkbiz Solutions offer well up-to-date services following all the guidelines of Google Panda and Penguin. You can take a look on the guidelines that our experts provide you along with the services.
Google Penguin Update -Overview:

A unique content without duplication:

Google always needs fresh content so our experts always write a new and fresh content. Our experts do research before writing content and deliver everything that your audience is looking for! They do not provide copied or re-written article..

Avoid Cloaking:

One of the important aspects is cloaking. Our professionals never practice cloaking. In this technique, search engines show different versions of webpages than which visitor views.

Avoid hiding of text:

Some of the activities including same background color and text color, hide text behind images, setting font size zero, these should be avoided as search engines easily detects.

Follow whitehat techniques:

Our professionals use all the whitehat techniques including Guest posting, blog commenting, and social bookmarking. These are some methods to build links which will never fail.

Avoid key stuffing:

You should be aware that the ideal keyword density is 3% and 2%. You can calculate keyword density as [Keyword Density= (Number of Keywords*100)/(Total number of words). This way you can easily calculate the density in your content.

Google Panda Update- Overview:

There are some of the aspects that are strongly recommended and our experts follow all the guidelines provided by Google Panda Updates to offer you better outcome and will help Google find, index and rank your site:

Content and Designing:

Technical Guidelines:

Quality Guidelines:

There are many other relevant strategies we include for quality such as:

These were some relevant strategies that are practiced by the professionals in our organization. However, we assure you to provide the services that would surely fulfill all your requirements in a better way. Your satisfaction is our main concern!


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