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How do QA services benefit you?

Never ignore testing or your app will never stop crashing. With rigorous competition in web and app market, there is no room for bugs which defines the sole intent of QA. We have in-house QA experts who avail full life-cycle testing, scrutinize the app and deliver QA and Testing Services. The QA team indulge in the development process, analyze it, figure out the flaws and fix it.
Over 75% of our projects that are in the development stage include built-in Unit Testing. By incorporating Unit Testing into the programming process we ensure that much higher quality code reaches QA. This approach radically decreases the number of iterations necessary to reach production-level quality. Kanda most commonly uses JUnit and NUnit Unit Testing frameworks. We also utilize dynamic mock object frameworks to create mock implementations of custom objects and verify their interactions using unit testing.
Functional and User Interface testing is carried out by experienced QA engineers who verify that the system performs all functions and tasks the application was built for and works according to the client requirements and user expectations. The process of the module execution will be coordinated by the QA Team Lead and performed according to the global project test plan updated during the initial module. QA engineer will work in close cooperation with development team during this phase adhering to the established QA processes.
One of the key strengths of our experience and methodology is our ability to build an effective cooperation between Client’s teams and Kanda QA engineers to achieve excellent quality of functionality and to cover all UI, functional, and platform-specific deficiencies within a uniform and closely followed Test Plan.

What We Do

we provides a holistic approach of testing and quality assurance to help you build a product or service through accelerated testing methods in order to reduce errors and defects in software that can affect your operations. In a high edge competitive atmosphere, it is very important to bring about a product or service with assured quality. Testing helps to assess, validate and verify the features of the given software that keeps an eye on the input and output functionality.


Advantages Working With Ycube Services

Ycube Services delivers advanced services equipped with hi-end technologies, impactful methodologies, competent engineering techniques and resilient quality assurance.

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