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Amber Alert GPS Teen
Expertise: GPSNavigation
Verticals: GPSNavigation
Technologies: Android Angular JS

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Project Desription

Amber Alert GPS, a world leader in child tracking and family safety, provides two mobile tracking apps. The first is “Teen” and the second is the companion app, "Parent"

"Teen" turns a child’s Smartphone into an accurate tracking device. Parents - here’s how it works: FIRST: Download the “Teen” app onto your child’s Smartphone.

SECOND: Download the companion app, “Parent”, onto your (the parent’s) Smartphone. BE SURE to use the same username and password that you used when you downloaded the "Teen" App onto your child’s Smartphone.

Once these two steps are complete, you can monitor your child’s location 24/7 from the “Parent” App on your Smartphone, plus your child can “check-in,” letting you know where they are with just one button.

Project Challenge

The concept was very unique and the biggest challenge is to get the accurate result after the comparison of the systems. The comparison between 2 different systems was done on the basis of information entered to calculate the cost per unit. On the basis of these factors the result will be provided. The cost effective system will be displayed on the yearly basis distribution so that the sales person can suggest the user to make the correct decision.

The Endeavor

The team has been continuously researched to make the features compatible as per the desired frameworks and technologies. At the end, team has successfully implemented the feature of getting the result based on the comparison of the two systems to ensure their efficiency and the profit earned by installing that system. The formula was developed after having some meetings with the client and with collaborative efforts of our team we had successfully implemented the functionality as intended by the client.

Ycube has developed an application as per the Client expectations and requirements. The client is happy with the quality of the product and the response in the form of sales that the client is getting using the app. At last, the end product has been successfully delivered to the client and is live in the market for the use of sales person and users.

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Client feedback

Great level of service, quality and professionalism provided. A company I would definitely use again for any other project.
Amber Alert GPS

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